Born to a surfer, board builder and ocean yacht racing legend Stu's destiny was set from the beginning, schoolwork, barring art took a distant second place with surfing and competition occupying centre stage. Stu's early love of designing and building anything saw the construction of his first surfboard at just 12 years old,

A surfer/shaper would be his life. It's a roll he's been immersed in to this day. The mid 70's to early 80's was a period of rapid development in surfboards with Stu, one of the very few competing on his own equipment, despite performing exceptionally through the junior ranks and into the opens during professional surfings early days.

It was the building of surfboards and the intricacies of hydrodynamics that had Stu well and truly hooked. Through a career that's spanned 47years and over 25,000 handshapes for some of Australia's biggest labels as well as his own brand the campbell name has always been associated with the upper end of performance craft. A love of sailing and quest for knowledge and versatility has seen Stu branch out over the years and work in the design and construction of performance ocean going multi-hull yachts. Around 20years ago in this world of cutting edge sailing technology Stu first pondered the idea of modifying and transferring some state of the art methods and thinking across to the construction of surf and paddle craft.

For over a decade it remained a simmering thought till Stu employed it in the construction of his own design of ocean racing SUPS that changed the game. Unfortunately economics sidelined these record breaking paddlecraft but not the possibilities of the technology which lived on till Stu finally applied it to performance surfboards around 3 years ago. Massively successful R & D lead to the birth of EXO FLEX TECHNOLOGY, crucial to the design and surfboard evolution has been Stu's son Ryan.

Proving invaluable with an analytical mind and world class abilities on the test track Ryan himself enjoyed a stellar competitive career riding his dads boards exclusively. excelling as a leader on the Australian Pro Junior Series, the toughest on the planet, Ryan also captained the Australian team for the World Junior Titles and followed up with many huge performances on the World Qualifying Series. Having always played a very keen and proactive roll in the design and construction of his equipment Ryan worked closely with Stu over a decade and a half of intense top level competition on the world stage.

Retirement from competition presented Ryan with even more time to invest with his dad in developing and re-working the modern surfboard whilst pushing the performance envelope. This unique combination of father/son, shaper/test-pilot has proved vital in the development and refinement of our craft and the revolutionary EXO FLEX TECHNOLOGY....